Residual Inventory Programs

Resion offers comprehensive Residual Inventory Programs to navigate the challenges related to underperforming or left-on-the-shelf inventory. With lean and JIT manufacturing being the norm, material with zero demand requires full focus to maintain profitability of any product or program.

Carrying material and products with zero demand creates negative financial pressure and consequences to all levels of the manufacturing sector. The impact of non-performing residual inventory includes:

  • Excessive carrying and handling costs
  • Inventory Turns
  • Program Funding and Expense Overruns
  • Physical Space and Storage Expense

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At Resion we council our industrial, commercial and military clients to move material with no demand out of the system, reducing handling and management costs and increasing savings in asset management costs. For obsolescence, Resion is an extension of your manufacturing process at the critical end. Our residual inventory programs help our clients mitigate risk by maximizing return and insulating material if future demand arises. Our Defense industry clients benefit from DMSMS material being introduced to the marketplace, while limiting the expensive redesign for any Mission Critical Platform and keeping our men and women in uniform safe and with the material needed when called upon.

Our tailored made solutions include:

  • Risk mitigation – Reintroduction of all product meeting DFARS and AS6081 Standards
  • Consignment Inventory Programs
  • Lot Purchases
  • Virtual Consignment and Product Remarketing
  • Reverse logistics & 3PL Services

Customer Benefits:

  • Return on Investment (ROI) on excess and LOS (Left on Shelf) Inventory
  • Redeploy personnel to core initiatives
  • Reduction in carrying costs
  • Increased cash availability

Governmental Agencies and Armed Services are always looking for efficiencies in maintaining a deployable force. Residual inventory is costly, and the following initiatives must be implemented:

  • Disposing of excess material
  • Reducing contingency inventory
  • Improving Planning & Forecasting

Resion is the vehicle that facilitates movement of products and material from supply chain to supply chain in a safe, efficient and reliable way, while recreating demand for inventory with no demand in an existing customer’s supply chain, to a company with a lifecycle sustainment gap.