Our Mission

Resion is the Largest Independent Stocking Distributor of Military and High Reliability Components providing supply chain solutions, financial and inventory strategies for supply chain professionals in the aerospace, military, defense and medical industries in the US and around the world.

Our Mission for more than 80 Years has been in providing our men and women in uniform, as well as production floors across the globe the Products and Services they need, on-time and at the lowest possible cost of acquisition.

Our team of industry experts and financial analysts work tirelessly to develop scalable strategies and manufacturing forecasts that address both the market trends and lifecycle conditions to provide a solution set that solves our customer’s mission-critical issues.

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Our Customer Commitment:

  • Proven Track Record of On-Time Delivery
  • Adaptability to the Changing Environment of DMSMS, Military, Defense, Industrial and Medical Sectors
  • Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions
  • Unsurpassed Quality, Support and Leading Counterfeit Control Plan and Laboratory