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Our Company

Welcome to Resion

This trust has been earned with over 70 years of steadfast strategic partnership and providing quality solutions in the aerospace, military and defense industries.  These underlying principles are continually strengthened by our dedication to our foundational truths.

These truths serve as the backbone of our company and include a daily pursuit and corporate commitment to Integrity, Honesty, Reliability, Accountability and Value.

At our core, we are trusted strategists and business partners to supply chain management professionals with a long and impressive history of success built on relationships with the DoD, DLA and with major tier one contractor such as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and Boeing.

We are the primary source of DMSMS electronic components and supply chain solutions with an ever-expanding inventory.  Our substantial experience in identifying the end of life product enables us to offer our clients customized and unique solutions such as:

  • Implementing long-term supply agreements
  • Providing product substitution/reverse engineering options
  • Bonding inventory from our 900,000+ line items
  • Accessing our exclusive network of OEM residual inventory
  • Consigning residual inventory from our customers to recreate demand

The net result for our customers is that they have the product they require when they need it and at the right price that meets their program requirements.

To ensure authenticity, all electronic components are thoroughly vetted by our team of certified quality professionals according to industry standards. Our quality processes and our counterfeit mitigation program have been audited by government agencies and tier one defense contractors. Resion is a CCAP, DLA QSLD (Quality Suppliers List of Distributors) and QTSL (Qualified Testing Supplier List) certified distributor. 

In addition, Resion is certified by ANAB to AS9120, AS6081, ISO 9001 and ESD S20-20.

As a company, we have built a comprehensive, knowledge base and talent pool of professionals with expertise in the industries we serve and that have demonstrated excellence in quality control, sourcing, logistics, sales, strategy, testing, certifications and creating deal structures that are advantageous to our clients’ financial needs.

Whether through legacy program management, consignment, other inventory lifecycle programs and customized solutions, we believe that quality and quality assurance must be part of every single aspect of our business.  So as part of our dedication to our customer and attention to detail, we make sure that this “quality” is felt, demonstrated, assessed, measured, certified, audited and documented in everything we do.

We are the leaders in an industry that must continually focus on change - be it evolution or obsolescence - we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.  We pledge to respond as we always have, with high levels of performance, execution, and innovation as we bridge your supply chain needs for today to meet the future.

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