Life-Cycle Management

Material Managers and Supply Chain Specialists supporting Legacy Platforms require proactive Life-Cycle Management. Legacy systems in a military platform, industrial equipment or a medical device with an extended lifespan are subject to obsolescence.

Resion for more than 75-years has been solving this challenge for the defense markets, however industrial and medical are struggling with rapid turns in technology. OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) will discontinue items with little preparation and not alternate solution for form, fit and function.

Bringing sustainable cost-effective solutions to component obsolescence with comprehensive logistics, engineering analysis and a full suite of tools concentrating in DMSMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages) and EOL (End of Life) management, Resion will ensure program stability, reduction in fast escalating program costs and comprehensive lifecycle management for all sectors of the defense, industrial and medical sectors.

Rapid Quote

Resion is a proactive partner to your Lifecycle Management challenges. Increasing cost avoidance efforts, product risk mitigation prevention programs and upholding consistency in production with constant real-time market analysis. Through vetted inventory partners, dynamic obsolescence sourcing, engineering and drop in replacement services, and over 900,000 Lines in Stock and over 5 Million availabilities, Resion provides our men and women in uniform, as well as production floors across the globe, the products and solutions they need, on-time and at the lowest possible cost of acquisition.


  • Life Cycle Analysis – Establishing production in COTS Stock, Obsolete – Stable vs Volatile aging inventory, on-hand and product demand that is surpassing supply in the market
  • Production Position Analysis – Current Inventory position, Allocation issues, Technical Data and Drawings, Engineering Analysis, Sourcing and Spot Buy Services
  • Market Condition Analysis – Current Cost, DMS/EOL, Market Demand, Lead Time Exposure
  • Sustainment Overview – Supply and Demand sided analysis and planning
  • Inventory Bonding – With 900,000+ line items and more than 5 million availabilities to ensure future supply, customized to our customer’s needs
  • Acquisition and Delivery – Legacy, DMSMS and current production from our exclusive network of Tier 1 OEM residual inventory programs
  • Long Term Supply Agreements – Benefits of locking in pricing for materials and having a ready resource for expediting those materials to match the demand of your production schedules.