Custom Kitting

Integral to the supply chain process, Custom Kitting is a cost-saving and time-saving service we offer clients to improve efficiencies and minimize error in the assembly process.

  • Resion offers full service kitting for any combination of materials, including, hardware, electronic components, tools and associated cabling
  • Kits are customized to your bill of materials to ensure the exact mix of materials for contract manufacturers and supply chain partners
  • Combine the power of kitting with Resion’s Vendor Managed Inventory program to ensure guaranteed availability to eliminate shortages, long lead times an unforeseen price increases
  • Resion designs your kit to your specifications, meeting all compliance and Mil Spec packaging requirements

Rapid Quote

With over 80 years in the military and defense industry, we understand the importance of properly identifying, tagging, labeling, and packaging components and materials for the Department of Defense, FMS and all of the Tier 1 Defense Manufacturers and their supply chain partners.