Life-Cycle Management

Our Life Cycle Management approach provides our industry partners visibility as to the imminent obsolescence of product. We notify our partners and seek to engage them in mitigation strategies that prevent production and maintenance support interruptions. The types of strategies that have been successful include:

  • Lifecycle product assessments to identify potential product availability issues
  • Last time buy of product based upon our customer’s forecasted requirements
  • Inventory bonding from our 900,000+ line items to ensure future availability to our customer’s needs.
  • Product substitution/reverse engineering options where product availability does not meet forecasted requirements
  • Acquisition and delivery of product from our exclusive network of OEM residual inventory
  • New manufacture at an alternate source that we ensure can meet rigorous conformity standards
  • Long-term supply agreements to provide a demand that will extend product manufacturing
  • Act as an intermediary for customer directed purchases to negotiate better prices and delivery schedules
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