Custom Kitting

Integral to the supply chain process, Custom Kitting is a cost-saving and time-saving service we offer to clients to improve efficiencies and minimize error in the assembly process.

Each customized kit is specified and customized to include the necessary components to fulfill the customer bill of materials. This is time-saving for manufacturers and maintainers as they can deliver the kit to the point of use and maximize their labor productivity while minimizing logistics support labor.

At Resion, our quality assurance always applies to our custom kitting solutions and we routinely inspect and package your components in order to maximize efficiencies. Our clients can be assured that all of the parts within these Customized Kits have been separately inspected and certified to meet or exceed standards and to uphold our commitment to quality control and performance.

Complying with the strict MilPak guidelines for military packaging for supply chain professionals is easy with Resion. With over 70 years in the aerospace, military and defense industries, we understand the importance of properly identifying, tagging, labeling and packaging components destined for our military. Once parts have been inspected and certified, they are packaged in strict accordance with industry protocol with the appropriate labeling and barcode information. All components are also protected against ESD and moisture.

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