Counterfeit Mitigation

Counterfeit Electronic Components

Component obsolescence has created vulnerabilities in supply chain management and we feel it is our duty to identify these vulnerabilities in order to protect our clients and ultimately the equipment they manufacture or maintain.

In order to do this, we are trained and certified to the most stringent quality processes available to the industry. We are proud that Resion is an AS6081, CTI CCAP-101 certified company and our quality assurance division is ANAB accredited and certified. We maintain vigilance not only in vetting product for authenticity but also in lot traceability for products we inspect.

As the risk of counterfeiting increases, so do the consequences. This is why we observe a strict zero-tolerance policy for any component that upon inspection in our facility shows signs of being counterfeit. Should any component be identified as suspect it is immediately pulled from the testing area and quarantined. Swift action is then taken to alert the appropriate governing bodies including GIDEP, ERAI and law enforcement.

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