Thanks to Resion’s broad military customer base, the company is uniquely positioned to offer both commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and military off-the-shelf (MOTS) products.COTS-based system design helps defense agencies build more flexible, adaptable, interoperable, and extensible systems.

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There are numerous reasons that governments around the globe and all branches of the military are choosing COTS over military specification equipment, including:

  • The reliability of commercial grade components and subsystems has improved, eliminating the justification for expensive military specification equipment.
  • Military agencies can implement more flexible, high performance systems at a lower unit cost.
  • Agencies can take advantage of current commercial approaches and practices; this commonality simplifies the development and deployment of applications, which enables a more rapid incorporation of new capabilities.
  • Economies of scale make it feasible to use centralized depots in balance with critical on-site spares.
  • The higher the proportion of COTS equipment in a system, the easier and less expensive it becomes to modify or enhance the system, supporting more rapid technology refresh and greater adaptability to change.
  • COTS purchases dramatically reduce operations and support costs for military systems because suppliers are able to spread development costs over a number of market sectors.

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