Combat Systems

“Combat System” is a wide-reaching term that covers a variety of military programs and devices. Everything from tethered aerial detection systems—used to track boats, ground vehicles, cruise missiles, and manned and unmanned aircrafts—to systems designed to control the rate of fire for large weaponry are covered under this umbrella. The ability to limit casualties by using unmanned vehicles has increased the desire to implement more cutting-edge combat systems capable of some autonomy. These complex systems need the best available materials, and Resion is proud to provide the most technologically advanced electrical components.

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Programs that Resion Supports with Critical Supply and Components


Air Force:

  • A-10C Thunderbolt
  • AC130
  • B1B
  • B2A
  • B52H Statosphere
  • Fighters
  • F15 Eagle
  • F15E Strike Eagle
  • F16-Falcon
  • F22A Raptor
  • F35A Lightning

Fire Control

  • G/ATOR
  • Link-16 Sensors
  • ACB-12
  • CCAC2S
  • CTN
  • SM-6
  • E-2D


  • Switchblade


  • E2C Hawkeye
  • E-6B Mercury
  • EA18G Growler
  • EP-3A Aeries II
  • F-5N Tiger
  • F-16 Falcon
  • F/A 18, E & F Hornet
  • F-35C Lightning II
  • P8A Posiden


  • EA6B-Prowler
  • FA18 Hornet
  • F35B Lightning
  • F-5N Tiger
  • AV-8B Harrier II
  • RQ7b Shadow
  • MQ8B Fire Scout

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