Who We Are

Resion is a global distributor of electronic component and manufacturing materials and offer a wide range of supply chain solutions services to the Military, Defense, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical, Automotive and Commercial Industry Sectors.

The Resion Team offers the following leading Supply Chain Solutions and Services:

  • Inventory management connects over 900,000+ of in-stock inventory and over of 5 million+ orderable part numbers.
  • Lifetime product assessments, which identify potential product availability issues.
  • Last Time Buy Services based on your personally forecasted requirements
  • Acquisition and delivery of product from our exclusive network of OEM residual inventory
  • Expertise to provide proper product substitution and reverse engineering options where product availability does not meet forecasted requirements
  • PCN Search, BOM Manager for allocated and obsolescence scrubbing through our exclusive inventory platform
  • Defense and aerospace end-of-life solutions, addressing obsolescence challenges with Resion’s expertise.
  • Solutions for managing the obsolescence of electronic parts in combat jets, and supplying all kinds of end-of-life parts for military aircraft.

Rapid Quote

The success of Resion has always been based on long-term thinking and responsible action. The company provides our customers with the material they need to meet budgetary requirements and their production demands. Resion has created the forum where supply meets demand.

We have leveraged our legacy inventory programs that have been in place for more than 7 decades, we have taken the best of our company’s history and we have continued to improve our standing as the largest stocking distributor of DMSMS Material and Supplies for the government and military sectors. In addition, we’ve worked hard to listen, learn, adapt and grow. Today, our team is best-in-class in superior Inventory Solutions, Third Party Logistics, Counterfeit Mitigation and Residual Inventory Programs.

The Resion culture revolves around a few key concepts: quality, confidence and trust. Proof of our commitment to those values and why they matter is all around us; we see them at work in discussions with our Executive Management Team and our employees.

Continued AVL (Approved Vendor) expansion with major defense contractors and by the DoD directly, is recognition of Resion’s commitment to quality. Today, we’re prouder than ever of the products, services and solutions we are providing and the critical role we play in the Military Sector.

Certifications, registrations, memberships and associations

  • AS9120 Aerospace Quality Management System
  • AS6081 Certified Counterfeit Avoidance and Detection Program
  • Defense Logistics Certified Qualified Supplier and Testing Distributor
  • ITAR Registered
  • JCP Certified
  • GIDEP Member
  • ERAI Member
  • ANSI/ESD-20.20 Control Program
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System