Our Facility

Our Facility:

  • 32,000 Square Foot Facility
  • Over 900,000 Individual Line Items
  • Fully Secured and Monitored
  • Barcode Verification System
  • Temperature and Humidity Controlled Areas
  • ANSI/ESD Protected and Certified
  • State of the Art Quality/Counterfeit Detection Laboratory

Rapid Quote

Integrating Technology in Our Supply Chain Solutions

To track the life of all parts from the moment they enter our building to when they reach their
desired endpoints, we use Pentagon 2000 as our Enterprise Resource Planning System. This provides an
integrative IT system for our entire operation. Through this platform, quality assurance, inspection
results, part history records, and shipping control information are available at our fingertips.
This enables us to provide clients with real-time progress reports and updates as their products
move through our facility.

Advanced Security Protections

Resion recognizes the importance of protecting information against cyber attacks and breaches. We
actively and proactively manage and monitor our network and the traffic that passes through our
network with a team of trained, certified engineers and data analysts.

In order to comply with NIST SP800-171, Resion has implemented programs and processes to prevent the
release of our customer’s controlled information which further ensures the integrity of supply chain