X-Ray Imaging

As part of Resion’s non-destructive counterfeit detection and mitigation procedures we perform in-process x-ray verification, on premises utilizing the Glenbrook Technology Model RTX 113HV, combined with Source-Ray SB-80-250 and GTI Real Time Image Workstation. X-Ray testing allows our inspectors to validate consistency and conformity of the complete lead frame and die layouts by comparison and validates inner wire bonds are intake and conform to the OCM Data Sheet and our extensive catalog of known good and golden samples

Inspectors Are Using Imaging Acquisition to Speed the Detection and Accuracy of Inspection for Counterfeit Components

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Our state-of-the-art, extensive x-ray assessment allows us to thoroughly examine parts as they are imaged. Even the most minute anomaly is instantly broken down in real time for our engineering and inspection team to- review. Our technology, equipment and certified inspectors allows us to identify various characteristics of counterfeit components, such as:

These techniques combined with our certified AS6081 Counterfeit Avoidance of Counterfeit Electronics Management System applicable to: Distribution of military/aerospace, industrial and commercial electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical board level components and subassemblies and activities of counterfeit avoidance, testing, and detection allows our customers to avoid the potential financial and operational loss of products entering their supply chain and production line.

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