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Residual Inventory

Residual Inventory Initiatives

Residual Inventory

Residual Inventory Initiatives – Residual inventory has become a supply chain managers nightmare at the end of production or contract. Excess inventory is generated when demand on the acquired inventory dries up due to a change in demand.  Resion has fulfilled its promise to its customers to regenerate a demand and offers many avenues that help customers reduce the carrying costs of this residual inventory.  Some of these strategies include:
  • Consignment of inventory and relocation of the inventory to Resion warehouses thereby eliminating inventory carrying costs. Here, Resion works tirelessly to recreate demand for these products
  • Negotiate exclusive virtual access to inventory in your possession to support resale
  • 3rd Party Logistics – act as an intermediary to relocate inventory to the party demanding support at the right price for our customer
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