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Our InterCEPT certified inspectors perform inspections on all incoming and stock material using various tools and methods. The most current industry standards and counterfeit detection test methods are used to ensure the authenticity of the components provided to our customers. If required by the customer, Resion utilizes a few independent test labs for electrical testing or other more advanced counterfeit detection testing.

Visual Inspection

Our quality inspection team is equipped with the skills to detect a wide array of visual indicators including surface anomalies such as remarked or blacktopped Read More components, as well as lead conditions. High resolution photos using microscopes or cameras are taken of the components and provided to our customers in a comprehensive inspection report for every component that is shipped from our facility. Read less

Mechanical Inspection

Each component is measured with calibrated equipment and compared to the component data sheet to ensure the part meets the manufacturers specifications. Read More All results are recorded on the Resion Inspection Report along with photographs of the critical measurements taken.