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Part Number Quantity Date Code Condition Request for Quote
U-080-0 42 NS HDW In-Stock
U-100K-OHM 7 NS REV In-Stock
U-10K-OHM 68 NS REV In-Stock
U-1117 5 S DIOZ In-Stock
U-12920-10 0 NS STK In-Stock
U-15K-0HM 4 NS REV In-Stock
U-183/U 0 NS CONN In-Stock
U-185B/G 0 NS CON In-Stock
U-187A/G 0 NS CONN In-Stock
U-209999 1 NS MTRS In-Stock
U-22 1 NS REV In-Stock
U-222759 1 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
U-228/U 0 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
U-229/U 0 NS CONN In-Stock
U-230/U 3 NS RES In-Stock
U-250-OHM 0 NS REV In-Stock
U-283/U 0 NS CONN In-Stock
U-283/U-1 4 NS CONN In-Stock
U-289/U 1 NS CONN In-Stock
U-291/U 0 NS CONN In-Stock
U-30704-42 0 NS STK In-Stock
U-5K-OHM 5 NS SWT In-Stock
U-61/U 0 NS CONN In-Stock
U-62B 0 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
U-78/U-0 0 NS CONN In-Stock
U-8-3 0 NS NS In-Stock
U-86-0100 0 NS WIRE In-Stock
U-86-0100-45681 0 NS STK In-Stock
U-M2-1 0 NS STK In-Stock
U. FL-R-SMT (01) 0 NS CONN In-Stock
U.FL-R-SMT(01) 0 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
U/L 3173 0 NS WIRE In-Stock
U/L1422 0 NS CONN In-Stock
U000005 0 S ICOT In-Stock
U000008 10 S ICOT In-Stock
U000012 0 S ICOT In-Stock
U00012 0 S ICOT In-Stock
U018494 500 NS CONN In-Stock
U05B4B48 350 S BR In-Stock
U05D4B48 2714 S BR In-Stock
U0805C471KNT 0 NS CAPMO In-Stock
U090085D31 104 NS CONN In-Stock
U1-31 0 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
U100-140-01 1 0-MISC 0-MISC In-Stock
U100-140-02 1 0-MISC 0-MISC In-Stock
U101 0 NS SPK In-Stock
U103400620F00201 10 S ICOT In-Stock
U103Z20Y5TTETMKM 0 NS CD In-Stock
U105M 0 NS SPK In-Stock
U1090-652014 5 NS CONN In-Stock

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