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Part Number Quantity Date Code Condition Request for Quote
P 1191-3CN190 0 NS HDW In-Stock
P 315-13-101-41-003000 642 NS SOC In-Stock
P 315-13-111-41-003000 100 NS SOC In-Stock
P 510-91-168-17-101001 552 NS SOC In-Stock
P+ SMPL14M 14 NS CONN In-Stock
P-000 0 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
P-015-432 2 NS CONN In-Stock
P-015-479 2 NS CONN In-Stock
P-041634-1502 0 NS XFR In-Stock
P-047550-1851 1 0-MISC 0-MISC In-Stock
P-1 4.09600MHZ HC-49 57 NS CRYS In-Stock
P-1-202 3 NS RESV In-Stock
P-1-4X-150% 4 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
P-101 0 N/A 1 In-Stock
P-106 36 NS KNOB In-Stock
P-1075-M09-F09-632 4 NS HDW In-Stock
P-1075-M09-F09-832 17 NS HDW In-Stock
P-110 0 S ICOT In-Stock
P-110-33 0 S ICOT In-Stock
P-111-1 52 S ICOT In-Stock
P-1127-M09-F09-10-32 3 NS HDW In-Stock
P-1135-M09-F09-832 5 NS HDW In-Stock
P-118 0 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
P-11AAH 0 NS BAT In-Stock
P-12-0 10 NS HDW In-Stock
P-120 12 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
P-123-70-MSHA 0 NS WIRE In-Stock
P-125-T 10 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
P-129-M09-F09-256 0 NS STK In-Stock
P-136-29-MSHA 0 NS WIRE In-Stock
P-14-X 1 NS CONN In-Stock
P-14/8-4C6-E25/N 59 NS HDW In-Stock
P-15 21 NS HDW In-Stock
P-152/27404 0 S ICOT In-Stock
P-158/68385 9 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
P-16-12-.1065 16 NS HDW In-Stock
P-168 6 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
P-17 5 NS RESW In-Stock
P-18 0 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
P-18-2 0 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
P-1A 50 NS RESW In-Stock
P-2.500X.057-.0315-880 15 NS 0-MISC In-Stock
P-20-12-.1440 16 NS HDW In-Stock
P-20-12-.1470 16 NS HDW In-Stock
P-200-LT5 0 N/A 1 In-Stock
P-208390-1519A 1 NS CONN In-Stock
P-208390-1519B 0 NS CONN In-Stock
P-208390-1519D 1 CONN CONN In-Stock
P-208390-1535E 0 NS CONN In-Stock
P-208390-1535N 0 NS CONN In-Stock

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