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X Ray Imaging


X-Ray Inspection

Resion utilizes the RTX-113HV Glenbrook Real-time X-ray for testing and inspections. X-ray inspection is recognized as one of the tools for determining the authenticity of an electronic component. Parts are inspected to ensure we have a homogeneous lot, consistency, and uniformity.

While some problems are detected more easily using visual inspection, there are many issues where only X-ray inspection is more effective. X-Ray inspection can show us if there are any issues with the wire bonds (broken or inconsistent).  It can also show us if there are different lead frames within the same lot or even if die sizes are different. 

The machine also allows us to X-Ray many different type of components (i.e. product on tape and reel, in trays, or tubes). We can take photographs or video using the machine software, and provide images on our inspection reports for the customer to see. If any non-conformities are evident during the X-Ray inspection, further testing is then applied.


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