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Remarking and Resurfacing

Microscopy Inspection

Remarking and Resurfacing

Resion tests for the remarking of a component’s logo, part number, date code, or any other marking changes on the part. The component shall be inspected after the test is performed and if the markings are not removed, it is a passing result.

Resion will also test to detect if any black topping was used, or any alteration was done by a third party. The testing can be chemical and/or physical using a scrape test. The component shall be inspected after the test is performed and if there is any indication a coating was removed; the part will be failed.

Heated solvent is the last step in detecting the remarking or resurfacing of components. With these tests, we are able to see if there is a difference in surface texture, or previous markings found under the black topped surface.

If any failures are found, a photo is taken by a Resion inspector to show the results which are then documented in our internal inspection portal. 
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