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Rohs Compliance Testing


It is important to establish that components are compositional as represented. Material analysis with pinpoint accuracy has the capability to ensure that the product that is identified and marked as RoHs compliant is in fact as it is represented. XRF is a proven solution to meet compliance regulations and is also a step in the anti-counterfeit mitigation process to verify suspect components.

For XRF, Resion utilizes the Quickshot XRF QSX-82D for the non-destructive testing of components to determine the elemental composition of the material. Parts can be tested to assure they meet the manufacturer’s specifications or that they meet RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance.

We are able to verify that the manufacturer meets the parts RoHs stated compliance and we have the capability to print out a report showing the results along with a spectrum table. Our machine pinpoints to the area to be tested allowing us to test only the lead material makeup if requested.

EDXRF Spectrometer

EDXRF Spectrometer


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