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Resion’s component inspection process first begins with the understanding of the customer contract requirements, and inspection to the customer designated sample plans. Before the visual inspection starts, inspectors are responsible for checking customer requirements via the customer PO, verifying the part number history for any alerts, evaluating previous orders of that part number, and documenting any findings

Our orders are inspected to IDEA STD-1010, AS6081, CCAP101, and any other customer directed Quality Clauses. If none are stated, Resion has established criteria in accordance with ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 to designate what sample plan will be used based on the source of supply.

Our Certified Inspectors use a tailored made inspection portal, to create individual inspection reports to meet customer specifications. They are created to ensure that each inspector answers questions directly related to each part type.

We next inspect product for realistic date codes, consistency in the appearance of the parts, the Country of Origin, part package against the data sheet, and the quantity. After this, a visual detailed inspection is done. This includes some of the following:

  • Checking the package type in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Verifying Pin 1 for inconsistencies
  • Checking lead conditions for tarnish, oxidation, coplanarity, bent leads, or any other signs of use
  • Checking part surface for coatings, FOD, and part markings for paint splatter, laser burns, ghost markings, etc.
  • Assessing dimensional readings per the data sheet or Mil Spec
  • Comparing part logo if applicable to manufacturer data sheets

To complete the inspection, all inspectors are provided with calibrated calipers for measuring, and various highly powered and high-resolution microscopes and cameras for the visual inspection of the part conditions. After the visual inspection is completed, results are documented using Resion’s internal inspection portal. We provide the inspection documentation, including photographs taken of the components, to the customer with each order.

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