Decapsulation Destructive Test


Decapsulation is a destructive test that can reveal a silicon die to allow us to perform a visual inspection and indicate die authenticity.

The Nisene machine utilizes a highly concentrated and controlled stream of Nitric or Sulfuric acid in which the decapsulator removes a precise amount of the body of a plastic packaging to expose the components die. X-Ray inspection, which is performed before Decapsulation, helps in pinpointing where the die is inside the component for better accuracy in this process.

This machine and acid, are only used for the Decapsulation of Plastic components. For Ceramic components, hand tools are used to remove the top portion of the device from the bottom in which then we can inspect the internal makeup of the part, and die markings.

Reviewed under magnification using one of our high-powered microscopes, a Resion trained technician can establish if the markings on the die correlate to the specifications and exterior marking of the component. Additionally, if the manufacturer's data sheet provides a schematic drawing of the die, it can be utilized to indicate authenticity. Comparison between units (Ex: a 3-piece sample) or a golden sample can be used in helping authenticate the die as well.

Additionally, Resion keeps a library of all tested parts, for the availability to compare previous parts tested, and as another way to help authenticate die part markings.


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