Armored Fighting Vehicles

Armored fighting vehicles, or AFVs, are armed combat vehicles protected by armor. They were designed to give operational mobility to vehicles equipped with offensive and defensive capabilities. In the modern era AFVs were initially armed cars. Each technological breakthrough in the fields of weaponry or automotive has also allowed the AFV to evolve. Tanks are perhaps the most renowned AFV but the term also includes mobile anti-aircraft guns and vehicles meant for troop transport.

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Programs that Resion Supports with Critical Supply and Components:

  • M3A3 Bradely
  • M1 Abrams
  • XM156
  • XM157
  • M1128
  • M7 Bradely Fire Support Team Vehicle
  • M1126 Infantry
  • M1131 Fire Support
  • M1134 ATGM
  • M58 Wolf
  • LAV-25

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