Affiliations and Certifications

At Resion, we wear our certifications and affiliations like badges of honor and we are proud that we have consistently maintained elite status as a preferred supplier for the industry and as the trusted source for quality certified products.

As part of our commitment to ensuring quality and providing supply chain solutions we:

  • are one of the few independent distributors who are fully compliant with rigorous standards developed by ANAB, to AS9120, AS6081, ISO 9001 and ESD S20-20
  • are CCAP, DLA QSLD (Quality Suppliers List of Distributors) and QTSL (Qualified Testing Supplier List) certified distributors
  • meet the latest generation of technologies and anti-counterfeit measures including the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime’s Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors (QSLD), Qualified Testing Suppliers List (QTSL) programs
  • are dedicated to pin-point accuracy and have our calibration equipment, regularly tested and certified by the National Institute of Standards Testing (NIST)
  • are certified as compliant with strict MilPak guidelines for military packaging for supply chain professionals

With regard to the governing organizations that we work with, we maintain active affiliations and meet all requirements for:

  • ERAI – a global information services organization that monitors, investigates and reports issues affecting the global electronics supply chain
  • GIDEP (Government-Industry Data Exchange Program) - a cooperative activity between government and industry participants seeking to reduce or eliminate expenditures of resources by sharing technical information
  • ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) - a United States regulatory regime to restrict and control the export of defense and military-related technologies
  • EOS/ESD Association - an independent third-party certification program that provides assurance that standards, goods, and services meet essential requirements throughout the global supply chain

Our certifications coupled with the close relationships we have built with trusted industry affiliates helps us to continue to fulfill our mission to be a one-stop resource for trusted, quality supply chain management solutions.

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Our Certifications